Phka Slaa Khmer Restaurant serves an authentic Cambodian cuisine in a light and comfortable environment. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming with the open, airy design and the colorful decor giving an inviting and informal feeling to the restaurant. We aim to make our beloved Khmer Cuisine accessible to everybody.

there are very few records

In the past, recipes for Khmer dishes were not recorded nor written down; instead they were handed down from generation to generation. What has evolved is a traditional cuisine of unsuspected delights: a unique blend of flavours that enhance the main ingredients.

A Khmer meal is a very social event

 food is nearly always shared and enjoyed together with family members and friends in groups. A typical shared meal might include noodles, soups, grills, stir-fries, curries, salads, desserts, lots of vegetables, tropical fruits, and of course rice which is the staple food for all Cambodians.

the essence of a Khmer meal

Rice is part of every meal, either served alongside other dishes or incorporated into them. The selection can include sweet, sour, salty and bitter tastes in various combinations and at times all four flavours incorporated into one dish. Chili is usually served as a condiment to be added by the individual to their own taste and other accompaniments like pickled vegetables, fish sauce, soy sauce and various dipping sauces such as pepper lime dip, roasted red pepper dip and the spicy Koh Rong sauce will also be part of the rich tapestry of flavours.

hygiene is key

Hygiene and food safety are the main concerns when eating locally. We are very much focused on this. In fact, we are so sure we follow every rules of the safety procedures that we decided to keep the kitchen open for everyone to see. Come on over and meet our chef and take a few pictures with her too…she loves that !

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